Online promotion in 3 hours under the guidance of a specialist
Practical lesson on setting up advertising on the Internet
At our consultation, you will learn how to use one tool and accurately implement it during the consultation under the guidance of our specialist
Do you understand the importance of modern online promotion tools, but want to move on your own?
Faced with similar problems?
I don't know where to start
I spend money, but there is no result
Few ad clicks
Promoted posts, but ads do not work
No clients from my ad
Can't figure out Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads account
No time to learn how to tune yourself
We conduct online consultations via Zoom, which allows us to do something with our own hands on your computer at any time (for example, change some parameter that you cannot do)
Zoom format
Your result
Ready tool to attract new customers
At the beginning of the consultation, you receive basic information about advertising accounts and setting up an advertising campaign. Then we set up an advertising campaign together under the guidance of our specialists
We will help you set up your online advertising campaign in 3 hours
Lesson Topics
We solve business problems
New clients
Average time of cooperation with a client
18 month
Invested in marketing
>180k €
Share of regular customers
Various niches
We work with clients from 5 countries
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